Different tents and their functions


If there is one good thing about the world today it has to be the availability of choice in almost everything. The portable canvas shelter industry is no different. We have a wide range of tents meant for various environments and functions.

Beach style tent

The beach style tent is usually very simple. It is made up of a wooden frame and light fabric material to match the beachside atmosphere. Anybody who wants to host a wedding or event by the ocean should consider looking for this portable shelter.

Frame tent

The main feature in this type of canvas shelter is the freestanding metal frame. It brings in a lot of conveniences during installation and flexibility when setting up the roof décor and lighting. There is enough space beneath the roof to do with it as you please. The shelter is mostly used for weddings, exhibitions, and graduation events.

Pole tent

This one is used a lot in outdoor wedding functions. Its versatility makes it easy to accommodate and fit in numerous themes, styles, and décor. In addition to that, we have the peaks and dips which project an elegant look.

Marquee tent

If you combined the frame tent and the pole tent, the result would be the marquee tent. It has the reliable freestanding frame and the beautiful peaks at the same time. That is a great combination of convenience and style.

Clear tent

Just get a marquee tent but instead of the usual fabric, look for a transparent covering to put at the top. That is a clear tent. It is a great option for those who would want to have nature and their choice of décor. The feeling of watching the night sky and you dance the night away is just magical.

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— Tori Stan

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